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Definitely Grayer than before.

Agitation strikes me as i lay down to rest. my arms tremble against my body. my eyes clench shut and ache in pain. Basically... what i'm trying to get across here... is that i've felt to tired lately... and because of it... very edgy. ready to snap at anyone and anything they do. i'm also put off that every time i start a new sentence here, my phone turns off auto-cap mode... so now i look like a lazy bastard...
I don't even understand the title.
But I feel good.
So the title is not reflectant.

So to fill in those who weren't paying attention...
a) I was in Switzerland for the summer.
b) I'm working on a musical with my friend.
c) I've been going to the WSO every weekend with Kurochan.

That's about it.

You should hear the overture for the musical... It's nice.
And you should hear some PoB demos I'm working on.

I'm out for now.

If you knew the things in my head.

If you knew the things in my head... I'm sure half of the things you say would be completely different.

My secretary pulled a few strings and has arranged a meeting about a merger of another company with Yablo Studios...
It's an interesting proposition and I thank her.

This semester is my most academic set up for courses.

I wake up (barely) and go for Canadian history...
That probably won't be too hard... It's just that I don't like watching videos *all* the time...
After that... I head on down to English (lit) and I work on both evil plan #1 and English... *Muwaaaaaha*
Then I shuffle across the school to the Music lab and get marked in attendance for music pro for once =P
Then I have lunch. Lunch is yummy.
THEN! Japanese IB. Oh yeah, baby. Wondertastic.
Now is the only difference per day...
Day one I *should* probably take a spare and work on homework or something... But I attend Music Pro IB classes with Brett, Alberta, Meaghan, and 2 people I know to a lesser extent....
Day two I go to ToK... With Brett and Alberta =P

My afternoon is all IB.

This year looks challenging... and if I can kick it's ass...
Well... Then I show proficiency in not only a heavy course load... But ass kicking things without asses.
Which is a skill on it's own.

On a side note...
Zalis was talking to the everyday class about what we have to do for the class (our compositions) and told me mine was good.
I did a little dance and then he said it was more as... Having really good ideas... But they're not all finished yet.
Then he said to the whole class...
The basic spiel... but told us specifically that we should not try to keep writing to our strengths (for me... I guess rhythm?) and learn to get better at what we lack...
So he challenged me to write a love song.

I'm gonna write a love song.



I've got some scheming to do.
And a little studying.

-AJY Out.

I don't like pork.

Do yourself a favour and look up "the pancake song" on youtube...
It's fun.
And if you have logic like sonney... You'll find out what song Sonney and I learned.

In other news...
We got a good deal on a bass rig (head and cab)...
It's like $700... But it's pro quality and what not.
The store says they need a 15% down payment on it... But we only made an 8% down and still got it on layaway...

Maybe they like me.


...I want a white LPC.

2 AM

This isn't a real entry.
And I probably won't properly update for a good long time.
Dunno why.
Just don't feel at home here.
Almost never have, either.

But this is more of a me... late at night... rambling to the public.
Wondering what I'm doing with the rest of my life.
Wondering if I'm doing what I want.
Wondering if I could be doing better.
Wondering if I could make my life better.
Wondering if I could make someone else's life better.

And I'm not talking about corny charity ads on television where I donate the price of a coffee a day to a greedy lady who doesn't give back to the organization she fronts.
Instead... I mean... Can I make someone else's bird on their shoulder... Shut the fuck up.

Cause frankly... 2 less birds squawking away would help with lessening ear damage for future generations and help preserve oral communication and musical expression.

For those of you in the know.
Evil plans 1 and 2 are in standstill.
But I think somewhere... I've created evil plan 3... Unintentionally.
And I'm sorry for that one.
It's a mistake.
Like Colin Baker.



What should I write about?

Crying at the Discoteque

Marking the release of my first posted webcomic...

Detective Monkey Cop. (DMC for you back to the future fans...)

Detective Monkey Cop is the story of a monkey working as a detective and a cop. Pretty sweet name, right?
I've outlined the first few chapters and gotten my secretary's approval on script quality.

But don't fear. it also might be funny! and there'll be a romance! and deaths (he's a cop after all)... It's like if Shakespeare were retarded.


Read it.
I have it set to update at 4:23 am every day until I run out of pages to post...


And one more time for good measure:



Over the past few months...
I've been (lazily) studying the "23 phenomenon"... Noting what happens on the 23rd day... Or when 23 comes into play as a time, or a factor to something...
I've taken note that something bigger than the rest of the month happens on the 23rd... But last 23rd... Was the biggest event of all.
And it had the most impact on me.
You know what happened that day?

... Nothing at all.

In that respect... It is the absence of something that affects us more than something big.
For nothing... Well there's a whole damned lot of nothing in this planet. So it's pretty big.
As you listen I hope you unwind or get caught in this fabricated mind of a place where time stops just to watch little purple rain drops.
I don't really know what to write about lately... I've started work on... Or have tried to start... To finish up the last bit of the first Spacebunny story. But it's a pain because I can't figure out how I transfer it to the ending...
In the sea is a growing line of people who've never taken the time. Joining them would be suicide; to act, but to never decide.
I find it... Great... That someone actually has an interest in something I've created. And it doesnt feel like the art teacher's way of giving you a 10/10 and a pat on the head for drawing Jay from Queer Eye. It feels like it's someone... genuinely having a fondness for a two dimensional bunny.
With a melody I grow content, after all of this aching spent. Staying up to wait for you is even worse when you're here too.
Time for some bad karaoke.
Right after some sleep.



You can tell how depressing this entry will be because I picked my eye as the userpic...
So we'll start with something happy...

We're finally going to put "Jake: The Scrabble Story" into production...
Maybe I should work out any plot kinks... Or add some excessive but relative monologues.

It's only human nature (down, Zzy & Rach)...
Of my mind processing things and losing the data halfway through.
And for lack of better statement... To want to download the torrent that has no seeders...
Because you don't know many people with that same file... if any...
And you feel special to the work of art that is your illegal download. I feel that way about some artists...
I want to keep them... Because some people don't sit down... And *listen* to the work... They just say "that's cool"... And they devalue it for me...
But you can't get it... Nigh impossible.
Did I seriously just do that? Did I just metaphoriate bit torrent and my beckoning mind?
Christ, I am a geek. I think I should be moved to yellow on the scale...
...Smack me if I do that again...

Have you ever had... A time when a song that made you feel full of joy...
Sends you into a couch-laying, ceiling stairing binge for an evening?
All because of what you associate the song with... And you're not actually listening to the song any more.
But using it as a gateway into your mind...


I should end on an good note... Just to balance the entry...
Before Isilma's party... Jesse and I were walking to her house... and I started singing this melody. So I recorded it to my phone.
And it's... catchy as... Something catachable.
So I finally put a chord progression to it...
In the lovely key of E major...
It is the exact opposite of what I would have liked to write in music pro.

And for anyone wondering...
ZOMBIES!: The musical!

This entry was a mess from the beginning.
It got worse and worse with each character.
Discard it.


Normally it's Sleep Deprivation

But today it's too much sleep.

Every time I dream it gets steadily worse.
A building succession of narcoleptic paranoia only interrupted by my growing insomnia...

You were there.
Infact... Everyone was there.
I don't know what we were all doing...

What do these dreams tell me?

I told you about the first one...

Do these dreams state my brain feeling insecure?

Or creating a world for the life that is spacebunny.

They're just dreams... That's what I tell Sam when she cries to me on the phone about her nightmares...
But dreams represent something...
Or from the night before... Lingering in my mind like a bad odour...

That is all.


PS: Pick a mood: spin the wheel!

PPS: No need to worry it is just a laser beam...

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